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Revised Draft Translation

Presidence of the Republic


General Secretariat

Of the Government

Republic of Guinea


Work – Justice – Solidarity


N° D/2005/………/PRG/SGG

Granting a Mining Concession to Global Alumina

-------------------The President of the Republic

Given the Fundamental Law;

Given Law L95/036/CTRN of June 30, 1995 setting out the Mining Code for

the Republic of Guinea;

Given Law 015/AN/2005 of July 4, 2005, ratifying the GLOBAL ALUMINA

Basic Agreement;

Given Decree D/2004/081/PRG/SGG of December 9, 2004 nominating the

Prime Minister;

Given Decrees D/2004/010/PRG/SGG of February 23, 2004,

D/2004/017/PRG/ SGC/ of March 1, 2004 and D/2005/019/PRG/SGG of

March 8, 2005, nominating the Government Members;

Given the minutes of the meeting held in Paris on October 26 and 27, 2005

between the Guinean State and HALCO (Mining) Inc.;

On the recommendation of the Minister for Mines and Geology,


Article 1: In accordance with the terms of the GLOBAL ALUMINA Basic

Agreement signed on October 15, 2004, with the Guinean State GLOBAL

ALUMINA is granted a bauxite Mining Concession for the purpose of

supplying its alumina refinery in Sangarédi, Prefecture of Boké.


Revised Draft Translation

Article 2: In accordance with the plans set out in 1/200,000 relating to

Kandiafara, Gaoual, Telimélé and Boffa (NC-28-XXII; NC-28-XXIII; NC-28XVII and NC-28-XVI), the area of the Mining Concession thus granted is

defined by the geographical coordinates below:








Latitude Nord

11° 10' 00"

11° 10' 00"

11° 02' 00"

11° 00' 00"

10° 55' 00"

10° 55' 00"

Longitude Ouest

14° 10' 00"

13° 58' 00"

13° 58' 00"

13° 54' 00"

13° 54' 00"

14° 10' 00"

The Mining Concession mentioned above relates to the whole of the bauxite

deposits of the study area defined in Article 2 of the Basic Agreement and

covers an area of 690 km².

Article 3: The ANAIM Railway line, the crossings relating thereto and its

ground basis over a 50-metre band on both sides of the central axis and over its

entire length on the Mining Concession set out in Article 2 above; is excluded

from the area of the Mining Concession which is the purpose of the present


Article 4: The term of the concession is set at twenty five (25) years, renewable

in accordance with the terms set forth in Article 34.2.2 of the Basic Agreement

between the Republic of Guinea and GLOBAL ALUMINA.

Article 5: GLOBAL ALUMINA, title-holder to the Mining Concession set out

in Article 2 above, has the exclusive right to build its plant on-site and to

establish the installations and equipment necessary for the exploitation and

transformation works of the bauxite reserves which are identified there.

Article 6: GLOBAL ALUMINA, title-holder of the Mining Concession set out

in Article 2 above has the obligation to implement the alumina refinery in

compliance with the schedule attached as an exhibit to the Basic Agreement.

Article 7: The obligations of the title-holder, GLOBAL ALUMINA, resulting

from the present mining concession, with respect to the workers’ health and

safety regulations, the preservation of the environment and the remediation of

zones affected by the works, are governed by the provisions of the Mining Code,

the Environment Code and those of article 20 of the Basic Agreement dated

October 15, 2004.


Revised Draft Translation

Article 8: The present Concession is registered in the Register of Mining Titles

set up to this effect in the Geological and Mining Information Division (DIGM)

of the Centre of Promotion and Development of Mining (CPDM) under N° A/

2005 /125/DIGM/CPDM/MMG.

Article 9: Aside from the terms and conditions mentioned above, the title-holder

(GLOBAL ALUMINA) is subjected to the payment of:

- Stamp duties amounting to Fifteen million (15,000,000) Guinean Francs to

be paid to the Treasury of the Republic of Guinea;

- File instruction costs and expenses, set at four hundred thousand (400,000)

Guinean Francs for the CPDM/MMG.

Article 10: The Ministry for Mines and Geology is responsible for the

implementation of the present Decree.

Article 11: The present Decree takes effect as from the date of its signature and

will be recorded and published in the official journal of the Republic.

Conakry, on ................................. 2005